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Our Story

Perfume and scents have a beautiful effect on the soul, for whoever wears that scent or gives it.

And since the Gulf region has its own wonderful taste, in which Oud meets Musk, roses with sandal, and Tonka bean seeds with Patchouli, and from this and that and the taste of Gulf people, we created these combinations that became a source of inspiration for the world with their beauty.

Those unique scents were born and became a title for sophistication and taste, and even became an authentic aromatic culture exported to all countries of the world.

Here ..

Where the aromatic style for those looking for sophistication, luxury and distinction,
A place that makes eternal memories wrapped in love and kindness,
Where there is a lot in its meaning, great in its destiny, and eloquent in its impact.. here from “Jazeel” to what's beyond scents.
To you all .. for gifts and perfumes there's one address.